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  The Misadventures of Hobart Hucklebuck  

HH2 New Front Cover.jpg
Book Two : Pandimonium in Pennywhistle

Holy Hot Dogs and Mystic Mustard!

Hobart Hucklebuck looked out the window. There was his 103-year-old grandfather hanging upside down from a Tallyho tree reading a comic book. And that was just the beginning.

Colonel Screevy Scuttlebutt thinks giant gophers are invading the town, Pernacious Prattfall thinks pirates left treasure in the Pennywhistle Park pond, and—hold on to your garters—is that Quoquandriak the halfling wearing a tutu?

Someone is at it again and things look bleak for the citizens of Pennywhistle! But here comes Hobart Hucklebuck and his friends. Can they save the village one more time?

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